Earlier research projects

I enjoy participating in research projects on both a national and an international level. The projects in which I have recently been involved are:

Border Aesthetics (2010-2013)

Based at the University of Tromsø in Norway, the primary goal of this project is to investigate how changing perceptions of borders relate to shifting practices of aesthetic evaluation (for more details, see the project website). Funded by the Norwegian Research Council, one of our primary ambitions with this project has been to write a collaborative book on Border Aesthetics, which will be published by Berghahn Books in 2017. In addition to co-authoring a chapter on “Ecology” for this book, my contribution to the project has included presenting papers at seminars and conferences, and subsequently preparing them for publication. In total, my participation in the project has led to the publication of the following book chapters and articles:

  1. “Ecology” (chaper for the project book, Border Aesthetics, co-authored with Mireille Rosello from the University of Amsterdam)
  2. “Coasting Classical Antiquity: Percy Shelley in the Bay of Naples,” in A. Horatschek, Y. Rosenberg and D. Schabler (eds) Navigating Cultural Spaces: Maritime Places. Rodopi (2014): 303-315
  3. “Classical Antiquity in Brian Friel’s Translations,” Nordic Irish Studies Special Issue 11 (2012): 139-158
  4. “Roman Borders and Contemporary Cultural Criticism,” Journal of Borderlands Studies 25.1 (2010): 51-65

Disorientation (2012-2014)

Based at the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis, this project sets out to explore the cultural and political effects – and affects – of disorientation (understood as what occurs when the interpretative grids that subjects use to make sense of the world change radically). My contribution to this project is an article on “Metaphor and Disorientation,” which was first delivered at the project workshop in Amsterdam in June 2012 and which was published in a special issue of the journal Culture, Theory and Critique in 2016.

Literature and History (2012-2015)

Along with my colleague in Nordic, Giuliano D’Amico, I have been the co-leader of this project, which is funded by and based at my home institution of Volda University College. The goal of this project is to explore the mutual entanglements of literature and history as they have been engaged and expressed across time in cross-cultural exchanges between the English-speaking and Nordic worlds. We organised a workshop in Volda in May 2013, where I presented a paper on the influence of the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard upon the Welsh poet R. S. Thomas, and have since run a series of work-in-progress seminars.

One significant offshoot of this project has been the decision to produce a special issue of an academic journal entitled Peripheral Figures: British and Irish Receptions of Nordic Literature. Please click on that title to find out more.